The Four Elements And How They Apply To Companies

Raul Popadineți
29 Oct, 2020 • 1 min read
My Attempt At A Four Elements Drawing

In our previous blog post, I mentioned we're going to shift the focus from job opportunities towards companies and their work cultures. I want to take a moment and give a quick intro to a series of posts that will come up in the following weeks around how we see a company and its moving parts.

We're big fans of going out, admire the Nature and let her guide us through life. We know the observation of natural phenomena preoccupied the human being for thousands of years. Civilizations around the world had an intrinsic motivation about where we're coming from and where we're going. They tried to understand what we're made of, and debated the primordial element out of which every living organism is created. We try to understand more about everything surrounding us and how we can blend into the Universe's harmony.

Today, science still unravels the matter's mystery by discovering new subatomic particles, getting us a step closer to the answer, but long before we had advanced technological equipment to make all these recent discoveries, people proposed the four elements, earth, water, air, and fire, to explain in simpler terms Nature and the complexity of all matter. Each of them has a particularity, and we want to correlate them with a smaller microcosmos that's more relevant to us now: the company.

Here's how we would match them:

  • Earth   ⟷   Product
  • Water  ⟷   People
  • Air        ⟷   Principles
  • Fire      ⟷   Idea

This match is not the indubitable truth. It's something we thought about lately. It feels like it matches our company, and how we envision things when we correlate it with the classical elements.

For the "Why"s and "How"s, we'll go in-depth in each element's role, values, and how it intertwines with its company counterpart during the upcoming weeks. If you want to get our latest posts each Friday, you can subscribe to our newsletter below.

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Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

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