Nadine West is built to last.

We are not a VC-controlled, growth-at-all-costs, pressure-cooker startup. We are a profitable, long-term oriented, family-friendly, fast-growing e-commerce company.
At Nadine West, we know exactly who we are and what we are trying to do. 

Our goal is to build a company that our customers and our employees will love. You won’t find much about us in the business media, because we are too busy thinking about our customers and our employees. That approach means that we’ve quietly built one of the largest e-commerce companies no one but our customers and our competitors have ever heard of. And that’s fine by us — we know who we are. 
Nadine West is headquartered in Austin, but our team is spread out across over a dozen cities around the world. Outside of our fulfillment center (in beautiful Austin), everyone at Nadine West is free to live and work in the place that makes them happy.
We’re united by a common set of values and goals: have a growth mind-set, think long-term, pay attention to details, try to eliminate waste, question conventional thinking, and take care of each other and Nadine West. 
Collectively, we’ve spent the last six years building a company focused on customers and employees and on playing the long-game.

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