Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer.

What is Fair Remote?

It is a transparent remote job board service where companies can enlist and publish their current openings, and candidates can apply and subscribe to new job listings.

What is Fair Remote not?

It is not an ATS (applicant tracking system), meaning candidates cannot apply through our platform, and you cannot screen candidates solely through our service.

It is not a job board for non-remote positions.

It is not a service that can be used by recruiters to post jobs on behalf of other companies.

How much does Fair Remote cost?

Fair Remote is free during our 14-day trial period. We do not require a credit card upfront.

Our service can also be used free forever with our Free plan which offers a 10-day job post each month.

If you need more job posts in a month, you can opt for our unlimited plan for $199/moth flat.

Check our pricing page for the full features breakdown.

Are taxes included in the price?

No. Any taxes we collect are in addition to the stated prices. Read our taxes policy to find out if we collect taxes in your jurisdiction.

Do you offer discounts?

Ever since the pandemic started it hasn't been great. That's why we want to make 2022 better, so we offer a 50% discount to the first 22 companies to subscribe to our unlimited plan.

Will I be charged when my trial is up?

No. We do not require a credit card upfront. You can use the service without any obligations.

What happens with my account after the trial is up?

At the end of your trial we'll automatically downgrade your account to the Free plan which offers you a 10-day job post each month.

Where can I learn about Fair Remote?

How does Fair Remote work.

How can I find out about new job listings?

You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Why do you require a salary on job posts?

We created Fair Remote based on our frustration and needs, and the lack of posting a salary upfront is one of them.

Every one's time is wasted if the salary expectations of the employer and job seeker are too far apart.

How long do job posts stay alive?

When your on the free trial, your job post is live until your end of the 14-day trial. If, by the end of the trial, you subscribe to the unlimited plan, your job posts will be active until the date you set upon creation

When your on the Free plan, your job post is live for 10 days.

On the Unlimited plan, you're in full control for how long a job post is active. You set the due date during the creation wizard.

Can I renew an expired job post?

Yes. Just go into your company page, and click on your expired job post, set a new due date for receiving applications, and republish it.

How many jobs can I post with the Free plan?

You can post one 10-day job opening each month. We consider this a good start for small companies on a budget looking to grow and look for a bit of reach through our service.

Do I need to enter my credit card details if I want to use the Free plan?

No. The Free plan is costs $0. Free forever. We promise. No gimmicks. No credit card required.

Does Fair Remote charge me immediately for the Unlimited plan?

Yes. We mention this in our Terms of Service under the Payment, Refunds, and Plan changes section.

How do I know when my billing cycle ends?

If you’re on a paid plan, when you go into your account settings, we display your billing cycle end date.

How do I update my credit card?

All billing details are handled through Stripe. You can update your credit card by going into your account settings, and click the Manage Subscription button.

This will redirect you to your Stripe customer portal where you can add, update, and remove any cards attached to your account.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. You don’t have to call or email us. You’re in control of your account.

It should be as easy as hitting a button, and that’s how we designed the process for you. It’s as simple as going into your account settings and hitting the red button.

If you’re on a paid plan, we’ll automatically cancel it, and incinerate all your data.

If I cancel my Unlimited plan, can I still use the service?

We cancel the plan at the end of the billing cycle. This means that once you cancel it, you still get all the future until the subscription ends.

Once the subscription ends, we’ll expire all your job posts, and automatically downgrade your account to the Free plan.

How do I sign in?

Sign in to your Fair Remote account.

How do I reset my password?

Reset your Fair Remote account password.

How do I change my email?

You can go into your account settings, under the Account tab, and update your current email address.

What if I have more questions?

Send us an email at and we’ll help you out.

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