About Us

We're a small family startup, established in 2017, called Sunergos (Greek for ”synergy”). We’re the ones behind Fair Remote, Calm Companies, and EcoNub.

We’ve been in the SaaS industry for almost 10 years now and feel like we’re at a point in time where we can give back to the community. Our way of doing this is by focusing on the trifecta: 
  • remote work
  • sustainable businesses
  • ecology

We want to stay small on purpose and only hire when it hurts. That's why we have always looked up to companies like Gumroad, Basecamp, and big believers in the Company of One concept. Their ideas, the way they work, think, and write shaped everything we are today.

Meet the founders — Raul and Ioana

How We Work

We have remote work experience for over half a decade.

We have no meetings, and no deadlines either.

Asynchronous is our default and only mode, with an expected response within 24 hours (weekends excluded), so writing is something we strive to do well and a lot.

Communication happens in Basecamp, our ”all-in-one toolkit”. Everything we need is there.  Anything code related is discussed in GitHub. That’s where our apps’ codebase lives.

All notifications are off by default so that we can be at our most productive level. We’ve learned the hard way that meetings and DMs put work on-hold way too often, and getting back in that flow state of mind takes time.

We usually work between 20-30 hours/week, and never during the weekends.

We tend to plan quarterly and follow on progress weekly. The scope of work is flexible, so whenever we have to prioritize shipping, we can cut it down. ”Good enough” is what we’re aiming for initially. We can always polish and rewrite things later on. You can tell the Shape Up book inspired us.

We know this way of working is not for everyone. There’s not much room for growing at Sunergos, but we do this so that we can spend more time on a side hustle, their hobby, or with their loved ones.

How We Interview

We feel that not a lot of companies present their interview process to their candidates beforehand and we want to be on the other side of the pool. 

You can never tell how much time people need to invest when they apply for a job. It doesn’t have to be long, but concise. That’s why transparency is so important even before you start working with someone.

Our interview process has three parts:
  1. An intro call where we discuss the candidate's experience, how they heard about our company, and what are their expectations from the job (~1 hour).
  2. Take-home assignment (dedicate 2 – 4 hours) — depending on the role, it can be something technical or an essay.
  3. Offer (~30 min).

Our Tech Stack

We fell in love with Ruby almost a decade ago and never looked back. Thanks to the amazing community, we can get from ideation to a web app incredibly fast using the tools open to everyone.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Turbo
  • Stimulus
  • Redis
  • Minitest/RSpec

Where to Find Us

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