Remote Job Boards Are Broken

Raul Popadineți
16 Feb, 2021 • 3 min read
Photo by Ruben Mishchuk on Unsplash

The most renowned remote job boards focus on making the best out of an ad (e.g., highlight, featured). For each of these marketing gimmicks, you have to pay an extra buck. Not to mention that the base price is ridiculously high (at least $299 for a 30-day job post 🤯). Jobs take center stage while the companies are put in a dark corner. It feels like the company always has to compete for a candidate’s attention.

As a company owner myself, I don’t want to pay hundreds of 💰💰💰 on a job listing just to see it fall below the fold in less than a week. I want people to know about my business first before they apply for an opening.

With a traditional job board where each job takes a slot on the homepage and is intertwined with listings from other companies, your company is not special in any way. There’s no way to tell if your company culture is better than another by looking at a job post title. This is just one reason why high-quality candidates are missing out on your great opportunity. We solve this issue by promoting companies first.

Why do we put companies first?

The answer is simple. High-quality candidates always do their research on a company’s profile before applying for an opening. So we wanted to shine the spotlight on them first.

When you view our homepage, you’ll only see companies, not an infinite page of job ads you have to skim through. Each business account receives a customizable page by default. They can write beautiful content inside our Trix editor (if you’ve never used one before, here’s a playground to see what it’s capable of). We recommend touching on the following topics to attract better potential hires:
  • Origin story
  • Why us?
  • What we do?
  • How we work?
  • How we interview?
  • Onboarding process
  • Other useful Resources (e.g., Company Handbook, Blog, Podcast, etc.)

In the end, we leave it up to each account owner to decide what content they think will convert better. But it’s basically like a copy of the company’s Careers page. So you can ask yourself:

What would you want people to know about your business before they view your openings?

You can check our company page for inspiration.

How to stop wasting time hiring

Ever gone through a lengthy interview process just to find out at the end that the applicant's financial expectations aren’t met? And did you know that this is the #1 frustration from job seekers?

Last year we wrote on how we want to end the salaries disruption with our service. The debate will last many more years, but we can help both parties save a lot of time by requiring salaries to be displayed upfront on all job listings. 

It saves the interviewers time because only persons who consider it a good fit financially will apply—fewer applicants, but of higher quality.

It helps the interviewee because they don’t have to invest a lot of time go through an interview process just to find out at the end the employer is not paying them as much as they value.

A place for everybody hiring remote

We know not all remote companies can afford to pay huge bags of money on job ads. If you’re just getting started and look for your next co-founder to start working on your awesome idea, you wouldn’t want to take out of your pocket hundreds of dollars to put the word out there. You want something affordable that still helps you find potential business partners. And if you’re a large company hiring for over a dozen positions, you would look for a service that can offer you unlimited ads for a flat price where you’re in charge until when you want to receive job applications. Most services only display 30-day listings, and you have to pay extra to renew each of them. Not with us. You’re in control for how long they're open.

Fair Remote is a remote job board that puts companies first. We offer a 14-day trial with unlimited job posts, no credit card required. Once that’s over, you can post a 10-day job post for free each month, and if you need more, we offer an unlimited plan for 50% off.

To find out when new companies enroll and post new job openings, you can subscribe at the bottom of our homepage.

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